Why we’re witnessing a new golden age in advertising

A new wave of small agencies founded by experienced creatives are increasingly grabbing big brand attention.

For 13 years, Boulder, Colorado-based ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky came up with creative ideas and advertising for Domino’s. It created the now-familiar Pizza Tracker and the DXP customized pizza delivery vehicle. It geofenced public parks to enable outdoor pizza delivery and challenged American cities to improve their roads in a cheeky, faux-PSA campaign that became very real in “Paving For Pizza.”

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Try this creative tactic to improve an idea or hone your pitch

In “Backable,” author Suneel Gupta says don’t simply ask “What do you think?” Instead, stage an exhibition match.
After explaining an idea to a friend, I’ll often ask them to explain it back to me. Not only does that help me understand whether the idea is landing, but it also helps me pick up new ways to explain it. When I first thought about writing this book, the bestselling author Dan Pink listened to my pitch and then explained it back to me, only far more eloquently. “People who get ahead aren’t just brilliant . . . they’re backable,” he said.Read Full Story

Shamrock Capital Acquires Bayard Advertising

Shamrock Capital, the parent company of Adweek, has acquired New York-based Bayard Advertising, which specializes in recruitment marketing. Founded in 1923, on Bayard Street in Lower Manhattan, Bayard offers a suite of services, including branding, creative, digital media strategy, programmatic buying, social media engagement and more. “For nearly 100 years Bayard has operated as a…


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