WhatsApp finally brings voice and video calls to desktop

After months of beta testing, WhatsApp today finally launched voice and video calls on its desktop app. The app only supports one-to-one calls for now, but the company plans to add group calls in the future. All the calls are end-to-end encrypted to keep your secrets safe from devious eavesdroppers. The new feature will help the platform capitalize on the explosive growth in video calls since the COVID-19 outbreak. Downloads of video conferencing apps such as Zoom hit record highs during the pandemic, and WhatsApp got its own big bump in usage. On New Year’s Eve 2020, users made a single-day record 1.4 billion voice and…

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WhatsApp will require a fingerprint or face ID to use its desktop apps

WhatsApp is adding another layer of security to its web app today, helping stop others from accessing your account when you’re not looking. In an update rolling out soon, WhatsApp will begin to require biometric authentication — such as a fingerprint or face ID — before you can use the service on your desktop. Unlike Facebook Messenger and other services that work with a simple user name and password, WhatsApp accounts are tied to a phone number, so using the desktop app requires a connection to your mobile device. This is done by scanning a QR code in the desktop… This story continues at The Next Web

Google Meet is getting a new interface and video backgrounds

As we all continue to adjust to the increased number of video calls in our lives, Google Meet is introducing a bunch of new features to improve your meetings — and offer better competition to Zoom. The company is tweaking Google Meet’s interface with changes “largely inspired by customer and user feedback.” These changes are rolling out to desktop and laptop users over the next month. For one, all controls will be moved to the bottom bar, giving you quick access to all the features you need — a welcome change if you’ve ever had to do tech support for…This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Google

Facebook’s Clubhouse competitor is here, and it’s called Hotline

It was only a matter of time: Facebook today launched an experimental Clubhouse competitor called Hotline, looking to capitalize on the increasingly popular social media format. As reported by TechCrunch,Hotline was developed by Facebook’s NPE (New Product Experiment) division, which regularly doles out apps with new ideas (or, in this case, not so new). That said, Hotline does have a few features to differentiate itself from Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces. Most notably, it supports video and will allow participants to toggle video when asking a question, although that feature isn’t live yet. Video appears to only be there for a… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Facebook


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