Tic Tac Sends Its Own Breath Mint-Shaped ‘UFO’ Into Space


Image via Tic Tac

Starry-eyed from the minty freshness of the latest advancements in space, Tic Tac joined in on the hype by launching its own ‘UFO’ into space earlier this month.

Shaped like a Tic Tac, the custom space vessel lifted off on August 4 with the help of high-altitude balloons. The mission, overseen by parent company Ferrero and UK aerospace firm Sent Into Space, involved the ‘UFO’ carrying a whole batch of mints into the cosmos, possibly as fresh peace offerings for any extraterrestrial figure it might meet there.

Know anyone obsessed with Tic Tac mints in space like we are? Why not tag a friend to help us make a connection. We might just share a refreshing plot twist pic.twitter.com/OgcU51MIdW

— Tic Tac USA (@TicTacUSA) August 23, 2021

The capsule itself is a reference to a UFO, nicknamed “Tic Tac” due to its pill-shaped appearance, that the US military had released footage of.

Also on board were messages written by fans that described the mints. The notes were beamed onto the vessel’s screen for English-reading aliens to learn about them.

The sweet trip lasted just three hours. But as the saying sort of goes: that’s one small step for mint, one giant leap for mint-kind.

We send our best. We send our bravest. We send our freshest. Big things are coming to space travel. #TicTacUFO pic.twitter.com/03q1jDqQJ7

— Tic Tac USA (@TicTacUSA) August 6, 2021

Image via Ferrero North America

[via SlashGear, images via various sources]

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