The unexpected job that every healthcare organization needs

The disconnect between what healthcare organizations think they’re providing and what patients experience is wildly discordant. It’s time for healthcare to elevate design to the C-suite.

So much in healthcare requires an individual to navigate complex systems, using unfamiliar tools while dealing with either mundane or stressful issues. How does a person who has a new condition, who may not understand the language of healthcare, and who may not have the resources to find appropriate care, even get started?

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Amazon's Leap Into Healthcare

Summary List PlacementHealthcare organizations are contending with a population that’s growing sicker, heightened spending, and shifting consumer demands for fast and convenient services.
Big tech companies have stepped in to alleviate or solve some of these issues, bridging technological gaps that give health organization partners the opportunity to realize cost savings and bolster their top lines.
One of these companies is Amazon, which has been casting a wide net across the healthcare ecosystem over the last two years — having started initiatives to disrupt or transform pharmacy, the medical supply chain, health insurance, and care delivery.
In the Amazon’s Leap Into Healthcare report, Business Insider Intelligence details how the tech giant is making waves in the healthcare sector.
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