The early decision that helped Adjust go from startup to global success

Adjust’s CPO discusses how start-ups successfully navigate hyper-growth and maintain quality in the face of rapid expansion.Read More

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Scientists measured brain waves using cochlear implants for the first time

Scientists have successfully measured brain waves through an ear implant for the first time, a breakthrough that could improve smart hearing aids. Researchers from KU Leuven, a university in Belgium, used an experimental cochlear implant to record neural signals that arise in response to sounds. These signals could be used to measure and monitor hearing quality. “In the future, it should even be possible for the hearing implant to adjust itself autonomously based on the recorded brain waves,” said study co-author Tom Francart. [Read: How to use AI to better serve your customers] Instead of making sounds louder like a conventional hearing aid, cochlear implants use… This story continues at The Next Web

Growth hacking isn’t just a buzzword — let these 20K+ new users be your inspiration

‘Growth hacking‘ has come to take on a not so positive meaning. Many see it as a hyped-up buzzword that indicates a cheap temporary solution — but I couldn’t disagree more. What it’s really about is finding small and effective actions you can execute with the resources you’ve already got. So to drive you to start looking for the opportunities that are already present at your own startup, I’d like to give you a full rundown of a recent growth hacking process my team did. Now let’s start by setting the scene the almost all of us are familiar with:… This story continues at The Next Web


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