In 2 Words, Bill Gates Shared What Separates Successful Leaders From the Pack

In a pandemic, great leaders do much more than just manage people.

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What separates a good manager from a bad one? Bullshitting

You should be continually outsmarted by the people you manage. If you’re not, you’ve hired the wrong people — or you’re just a bad manager. The downside of hiring people more brilliant than you is they’ll be challenging to manage or argue with. The people you hire are the experts — not you — so what’s the point of having them around if you’re not going to listen? But you still have a role as a manager and, very often, it is about more than just the facts of the case. So how do I deal with this? Bullshitting. I…This story continues at The Next Web

7 reasons humility is a highly desired leadership trait

Not all great leaders are humble, but there are reasons this trait is highly sought after, says emotional intelligence expert Harvey Deutschendorf.
When we think of great leaders, humility may not always be the first word we’d use to describe them. Many bigger-than-life executives such as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would likely be described first as visionary, bold, or charismatic. Yet, if we look more closely, there are also leaders (such as, say, Richard Branson) who are often described as humble and laid-back.Read Full Story


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