Good UX isn’t enough — websites must enchant us again

The internet of the old days was amazing, wasn’t it? One day it suddenly became possible to chat with anyone anywhere across the globe, and everything changed. Soon you were able to read about any obscure topic that came across your mind while buying a book or shoes or virtually anything you wanted from the comfort of your living room or office. It was like a totally new world to explore that sprang from our own. It was magical. It was an adventure. Nowadays, those things seem mundane. We aren’t mesmerized by them anymore because, for better or worse, everyone…

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The Ultimate Guide to Community Management

In today’s highly digital and connected society, it’s funny to think people can still feel disconnected from others. With so many people who communicate online, behind screens, this connected world can actually feel rather lonely at times.
This goes for personal relationships as well as business relationships — specifically between brands and their customers as well as brands and their employees.
So, what is it that has people feeling a disconnect from others and the companies they do business with?
A lack of community.


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