Facebook Ad Success Without Apple Data: Rethinking Your Strategy

Wondering how to track Facebook ads attribution in 2021? Looking for guidance you can trust? In this article, you’ll discover how to measure Facebook ads without relying on retargeting data. How the Changes at Apple Affect Marketers and Facebook Ads The latest privacy changes and tracking restrictions implemented by Apple have thrown a lot of […]

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What Is Retargeting? How To Set Up an Ad Retargeting Campaign

In college, I took an advertising class. It taught me what I needed to know about traditional advertising, but the social media portion wasn’t as expansive.
When we covered Facebook Advertising, for example, I found it difficult to follow along with a lack of examples and the lofty overview of content. Because of that, I decided to look online for a deeper take on the subject.

I ended up watching a video that covered a subject I’d struggled with in class — retargeting. The video gave an overview of the concept, then went in-depth about how that looks on Facebook with vibrant examples, really helping a visual learner like me.

What is Search Retargeting & How Does It Work?

When a user is on Google and searches for “athletic shoes,” companies like Nike and Skechers probably want their ads to continuously show up for those users online because they’re currently in the market for a product they sell.
But how could they do that when the user isn’t searching for them and perhaps doesn’t even know that their company sells athletic shoes?


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