Contemplating automated testing? Calculate your ROI first

In software development, speed has become the defining characteristic of product launches. It sets the standard we can’t really escape anymore. It places demands on market players both old and new: release now, fix the issues later. Launch the feature today or watch your competitors outpace you. Meet the deadline or lose a vitally important partner/client.  These are all thoughts and ideas most product managers, CTOs, and team leads have had (or heard). In part, I think the culprit for this state of affairs has been automation itself, as it has streamlined so many tech processes across industries and has…

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How to increase your productivity as a remote developer

The world has now new norms for traveling, working, and just about every daily activity ever since the pandemic broke out on a global scale. To keep up with the changed lifestyle, many industries and workplaces started adopting remote working norms and the necessary infrastructure support. Software development has definitely got an edge over the other industries regarding remote work. What is a trend now in other industries has been an industry-standard in software development for the last decade. Many companies have experience of remote working with freelance developers or with offshore development teams that are located in distant regions… This story continues at The Next Web

7 Types of Corporate Events [+ Virtual Event Ideas]

One of my favorite episodes of “The Office” is called Launch Party. During this episode, Dunder Mifflin hosts a corporate party, plus several satellite parties when its website launches. Hilarity ensues.
But during your corporate event, you probably don’t want to kidnap the pizza delivery person, and you might want to spell launch correctly on the sign.


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