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Elon Musk claims Neuralink created a brain implant that a monkey is using ‘to play video games with his mind’

Elon Musk claims his startup Neuralink has connected a chip to a monkey’s brain that the primate is now using to play video games with its mind. Musk said Neuralink is currently developing brain implants that help people with paralysis control devices with their thoughts. He added that the tech could also enable people to communicate through their minds or save their brain state so when they die it gets uploaded to another body. The Tesla tycoon provided the rare update on Neuralink during a Sunday appearance on the invite-only Clubhouse app. [Read: How this company leveraged AI to become the Netflix of Finland] He described the device as “a Fitbit in… This story continues at The Next Web

What is Roblox, the big new gaming IPO darling?

Roblox, the kid-friendly gaming universe, made a great debut at Wall Street on Wednesday as the company’s share prices closed at $69.50 — a 43% rise from the initial trading price. But what exactly is Roblox and why did it hold an IPO? Let’s take a look. What’s Roblox? Roblox is an online game platform where you can create your own games and play games made by others — think of it as a Minecraft competitor.The title has been around for a long while; the first PC version was released in 2006. The company released versions for iOS, Android, and Xbox, in… This story continues at The Next Web


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