Apple wants to own the interface between you and your doctor

The company has announced an array of features that will pit it against medical records giant Epic.

This week Apple revealed a mix of health features that at first glance seem a bit all over the place. It added a new way to measure mobility health and announced that iOS 15, due this fall, will let users of its Health app send a summary of their data to doctors that is viewable inside their electronic health record. Patients will also be able to share their Health app data with friends and family.

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Mayo Clinic Patients Can Now Access Their Health Records From Their iPhones

Image via Apple

The Mayo Clinic has launched support for the Apple Health Records function, allowing patients to add their medical records to the app on iPhones.

Health Records is a feature by Apple that allows patients to view and compile all of their health data in one place, with more than 700 institutions and 12,000 care locations supporting the app in the US, Canada, and UK.

Now, Mayo Clinic patients with a Patient Services Account can access their medical data through the Apple Health app.

According to MacRumors


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