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3 creative ways to use your brand’s data to improve marketing measures

Marketing is an undeniably creative medium. But all too often, I’ve seen marketers lean a bit too heavily on the creative side — to the point where they ignore or overlook the messaging that would have the greatest impact on their customers. When it comes to understanding your customers’ needs and communicating how you can address those needs, you’re going to have to rely on data. While data may not always seem like a natural match with a creative activity like advertising, there is no denying that when used right, it will make all the difference in helping you achieve… This story continues at The Next Web

Automate creating on-brand marketing creatives for social media with this tool

TLDR: The RelayThat Design app automates all your graphic design work to unify project looks, create multiple versions, and generate agency-level creative ads and social posts in minutes. If you’re a driven entrepreneur, you’re likely many things, from a grinding workhorse to a strong salesperson to a gifted marketer. With everything on your plate and all the skills you need to excel, design expert or artistic visionary isn’t always going to find a home on that list. However, in our brand-centric world of digital marketing, your ads and social media posts have to look every bit as professional as anything… This story continues at The Next Web


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