5 Times Influencers Helped Yesterday’s Luxury Brands Get Chic Again

Back in 1955, Paramount Studios’ legendary costume designer Edith Head sized up a young actress named Grace Kelly and handed her a sac ? d?p?ches, a simple leather handbag made by Herm?s in Paris. Because she worked for Alfred Hitchcock, Head could pretty much buy what she wanted. And to Head’s unerring eye, the 26-year-old…

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How Hermès conquered the luxury industry

Hermès eschews trends and embraces old-fashioned craftsmanship—and has seen its revenue climb.
Hermès’s largest factory, in the sleepy Paris suburb of Pantin, is a stunning structure with glass walls. Light dapples the workstations where artisans handcraft Birkin and Kelly bags that will sell for upward of $10,000. But Axel Dumas, Hermès’s CEO, has a soft spot for the smaller, humbler workshop around the corner, where customers send in decades-old, weather-beaten Hermès products to be repaired.Read Full Story

How to Reduce AI Bias Like Google Does

Social movements of the past year have helped shine a light on the many ways in which human bias can creep into the algorithms that influence a growing portion of our everyday lives–despite the developer’s own lack of malicious intention. During a panel at CES on Tuesday, Google’s head of product inclusion, Annie Jean-Baptiste, shared…

Facebook Takes Action Against Hackers Based in China

Facebook detailed actions it took against a group of hackers based in China, known in the security industry as Earth Empusa or Evil Eye. Head of cyber espionage investigations Mike Dvilyanski and head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a Newsroom post Wednesday that the hackers were using their infrastructure to abuse Facebook’s platform,…

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There’s a new face on subscription social platform OnlyFans: fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and her eponymous accessible luxury brand. Minkoff debuted her OnlyFans account last Friday to coincide with New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Since then, she has streamed behind-the-scenes footage from her latest show. Until now, the four-year-old social platform has had a reputation…


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